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Frequently Asked Questions

Domain is the address of your company on the internet

Hosting is where your website’s codes, images and database are located, as well as your emails. It is not possible to have a website without hiring a hosting.

Accessing your email panel is very easy, to do so, just go to and enter your registered email and password. To register new emails, just access the panel of your hosting, click on Emails and then on Add email account, fill in the data and save.

If you need to use your emails on GMail or another email client, you will need to configure it on your hosting, we provide support for this and you can also modify your site’s DNS records by accessing your hosting panel.

By default we have 3 weekly backups, and if you want to restore a backup, just click on the files tab on your hosting panel and then on the Backup tab, there will be listed all the backups available to restore just click on the down arrow next to the desired backup and choose the restore option.

We recommend that you optimize the images without losing quality and do not exceed the resolution of 1920 x 1080 in pixels, for thumbnails the recommended range is 150 to 300 pixels.

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